ZYCOV-D Vaccine for Kids Under 12 India Co-win Registration

ZYCOV-D Vaccine for Kids Under 12 12-18 Years Co-win Registration : Covid Vaccine for Children 12 years old and 12-18 Years old registration started in India at Co-Win application. This article is to give you the complete details about the ZYCOV-D Vaccine for Kids developed by Indian pharmaceutical company Cadila Healthcare and the registration process for it.

In the above section, As we have given information about the registration of ZYCOV-D Vaccine for kids aged 12, 12-18 years old . In the further information on this page we have provided all the details like zycov-d vaccine efficacy, how does it work, availability and cost about it. Please go through the further details over this page in order to check complete details about it.

zycov-d vaccine for kids 12-18 Years
Co-Win Registration started vaccine for Kids

Vaccine for Kids Under 12 Years

Vaccine NameZyCov-D
Vaccine Founder Cadila Healthcare
Vaccine TypeDNA
Vaccine Approved for Kids Age12+, 12-18 Years
CategoryHealth News
Vaccine UsagePrevention For SARS-CoV-2
Efficacy Rate67% protective against symptomatic COVID-19
DNA Covid Vaccine ZYCOV-D India

Vaccine for Kids 12-18 Years Old

As in the above section we have mentioned that Cadila Healthcare pharmaceutical company has already produced Vaccine for Kids 12-18 Years doses. And it has also got emergency approval from Indian regulators. Vaccine drive is about to start in next 2 weeks for kids in India.

Anyone who wants to register for this vaccine can register themselves online at co-win application. We have also shared about how to register at co-win process in later section of this page. Kindly refer to complete registration process and get it done for your kids 12-18 years.

Covid Vaccine For Children in India

Rollout of ZYCOV-D Vaccine for kids is expected to start in next two weeks i.e. by mid of October month by Government of India. It will be started initially for kids between ages of 12-18 years. Many of the experts already suggested that vaccine drive for kids should be started and believe that children should be inoculated for the betterment of their health.

ZYCOV-D Vaccine for Kids Mechanism

ZYCOV-D Vaccine for Kids contains DNA known as plasmids and this is inserted into the skin and not the muscle tissue unlike other vaccine Covaxin or Covishield. This vaccine for kids 12, 12-18 years will be injected without a needle. Person has to be injected with total of six shots in order to be fully vaccinated and gap between doses will be of 28 days.

Vaccine for kids Under 12 Efficacy

Vaccine for Kids 12, 12-18 Years is DNA plasmid-based COVID-19 vaccine developed by Indian pharmaceutical company Cadila Healthcare. As per the latest official information it is shared that ZYCOV-D Vaccine has passed 3 clinical trials in lab successfully. After the success of clinical trial project, it has been found that Indian Vaccine developed by Cadila for Kids is 67% protective against symptomatic COVID-19 .

How To Register Yourself Online for Vaccine For Kids Under 12 Years Old?

For convenience of registration process for Vaccine for Kids 12+, 12-18 Years at co-win application detail steps are provided by us. Please follow the below steps to register online.

  1. Go to official website selfregistration.cowin.gov.in.
  2. Register yourself by Mobile no. Enter the mobile no to get the OTP.
  3. Enter the OTP to become registered user.
  4. Login with register mobile and Fill in all your details.
  5. Book the slot in your nearest center as per your convenient time and date.
  6. Note down the registration no as it will be required to get vaccinated.

DNA Vaccine for Children India Important Links

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Co-Win Application Registration Link Click Here

FAQs : ZYCOV-D DNA Vaccine for Kids 12-18 Years Old

What is DNA Vaccine?

Vaccine which consist of DNA and carries the gene encoding of any virus like SARS-CoV-2.

is trial done over ZYCOV-D to make it for Vaccine for Kids 12-18 Years Old?

Yes, as per the official information ZYCOV-D Vaccine has successfully passed the clinical trials.

How effective is the dna vaccine for children for treatment of Covid-19?

As per the study, Vaccine for Kids 12-18 Years is 67% protective against symptomatic COVID-19.

Which Company is manufacturing DNA based Vaccines for Children in India?

Cadila Healthcare an Indian pharmaceutical company is producing vaccine along with support of Department of Biotechnology.

Has Vaccine for Kids drive started in the India?

Vaccine drive is planned to be rolled out in mid October. However, one can do the registration at co-win application for booking the vaccine slot.

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