UGC Confirms: PhD not mandatory to be an Assistant Professor

 A press statement released by the Ministry of Education in 2018 stated that a PhD is mandatory to be an assistant professor. Still, recently an announcement made by UGC confirms that PhD is not compulsory for the desiring assistant professor candidates.

The release of the news has created uneasiness among the UGC NET aspirants. As a result, a hold has been put to the PhD education qualification for assistant professors. The decision was made after considering the outcomes of the pandemic outbreak.

UGC made the announcement reading the same on 1.07.21.

Earlier Ph.D was made mandatory for the recruitment to the Assistant Professor post across Indian Higher Education institutes. But now, this criteria has been paused by the Ministry of Education to fill the vacant positions on time. This hold has been put in order to ensure that the education system does not suffer due to a possible paucity of faculty/professors; a similar statement was told to reporters by the Education Minister. 

Before the release of this news, NET used to be an important criterion for recruitment of Asst. Professors in Colleges and Universities. However, a decision was made and confirmed in 2018 by the government that a Ph.D will be too necessary apart from NET for getting a job as an assistant professor.

The decision was made as a result of unfinished PhD degrees by some students because of the pandemic.

Officials have also confirmed that candidates with postgraduate degrees, who have already cleared the National Eligibility Test, will still be eligible for the recruitment process. They have also stated that “The UGC will soon release a circular regarding this decision to all higher education institutions. It will help colleges and universities to quickly fill all the vacant seats.”

Few key points to keep a note of regarding this news update are –

  • A hold on minimum educational qualification to become an assistant professor, i.ePhD is put by the Ministry of Education.
  • The decision has been taken after reviewing the COBID-19 situation.
  • This decision was made in order to fill the vacant vacancies in the universities, as there are many vacant posts because of the pandemic.
  • Aspiring candidates should know that this relaxation is only for year.

Apart from the relaxation provided by the Ministry of Education, candidates should know that a PhD is still necessary to be an assistant professor. Also, having a PhD degree gives you an extra edge in the line of promotion.

Most of all, candidates should know and understand that the hold put by the Ministry of Education is only temporary, and it won’t last for long. Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan had placed a hold on the minimum qualification of PhD only for a year and had not canceled the actual and essential regulations and process.

As a result of the latest news reading the minimum education qualification to be an assistant professor, the following pointers can be concluded.

  • PhD is necessary to be an assistant professor at the post-graduation level.
  • PhD is also mandatory to get a promotion in the same field.
  • UGC NET is the eligibility criteria for the UPPSC Assistant Professor next year, not PhD. 

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