SAP ABAP Basic Interview Questions 2021

SAP ABAP Basic Interview Questions 2021 : Candidate who belongs to SAP ABAP Language skill and is preparing himself/herself for interview questions then this article will help you to crack your interview. This article is all about the ABAP Language Basic Interview Questions 2021. Question dump is prepared by those expert or professional who are already working in this area from long time.

In the below section, we have posted all of the SAP ABAP Questions that may be asked you at the time of interview for any private company or organization. We suggest you to refer each and every question before facing your interview.

ABAP Basic Interview Questions 2021 :- Complete List

Question 1. Full buffering would be appropriate for what type of tables ?

Answer: Small Static tables.

Question 2. When is it better to buffer the table ?

Answer: When a table is read frequently and the data seldom changes.

Question 3. What are the different type categories in the SAP ABAP Language?

Answer: Data Elements, Data definitions and Table Types.

Question 4. What is the basic object of data Dictionary?

Answer: Domains.

Question 5. Sub query usually more efficient because?

Answer: Data is filtered in the database.

Question 6. Does buffer considered during In Inner and outer join?

Answer: buffers are always bypassed.

Question 7. Data element is an example of which object ?

Answer: Semantic Domain.

Question 8. Which Command flushes the database buffers ?

Answer: $TAB.

Question 9. How many lists can exist in parallel in an interactive reporting?

Answer: An Interactive report can have 1 basic list and up to 20 Secondary lists.

Question 10. What are the check tables and value tables?

Answer: Check table will be at field level checking and Value table will be at domain level checking.

Question 11. What is the difference between Synchronous and Asynchronous updates?

Answer: In synchronous processing, the program waits: control returns to the program only when the task has been completed wherein In asynchronous processing, the program does not wait and the system returns control after merely logging the request for execution.

Question 12. What types of tables exist in data dictionary?

Answer: Transparent tables, Pool tables and Cluster tables.

Question 13. Session Method is Asynchronous or Synchronous?

Answer: Synchronous.

Question 14. Which data type cannot be used to define parameters?

Answer: Type c.

Question 15. How Authorization Checks are done in SAP ABAP?

Answer: Authorization Checking is performed with AUTHORITY-CHECK.

Question 16. What is the Relationship between SAP transactions and database transactions?

Answer: Update requests of one SAP transaction are distributed amongst several database transactions. Question 17. Why do update functions have attributes of either START NOW (v1) or START DELAYED(V2)?

Answer: For assigning different priorities.

Question 18. from transaction A you call transaction B with LEAVE TO TRANSACTION B. What does it signifies?

Answer: internal system session opened for B and A can pass data to B with export.

Question 19. What is the purpose of Append Structures?

Answer: Append to table without modifying table itself

Question 20. A data dictionary has consolidated list of data contained in ?

Answer: Dataflows and Data Stores.

Question 21. Can you select from several database tables using a database view or a join in ABAP?

Answer: Yes

Question 22. What do you get when you refer to a client-specific transparent table in the Dictionary if you have a data definition with TABLES?

Answer: A structured work area.

Question 23. Is it possible to increase the number of key fields in transparent tables that are already active?

Answer: No, Key changes are not allowed.

Question 24. For what purpose are foreign key (FK) defined in the ABAP Dictionary?

Answer: For the propose data consistency: when you maintain data records using dialog transaction (screens) and the input values are automatically check in accordance with the FKs.

Question 25. which table type is there a one-to-one relationship between the table defined in the ABAP Dictionary and relevant physical table in the database?

Answer: Transparent database table.

Question 26. You are writing a transaction to update a database table. Which elements must the program contain?

Answer: Call for ENQUEUE/DEQUEUE function modules and AUTHORITY-CHECK statement.

Question 27. What are the two ways for restricting the value range for a domain?

Answer: By specifying fixed value and By Stipulating a value table.

Question 28. Which dictionary structure contains system fields?

Answer: SYST.

Question 29. You can only access a hashed table using the generic key operations. Explicit or implicit index operations (such as LOOP … FROM oe INSERT itab within a LOOP) are not allowed. Is it true?

Answer: Yes.

Question 30. All hashed tables are index tables?

Answer: No.

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