Privacy Policy

Safeguarding the one’s privacy on the web is crucial to the future of digital electronically published content and the move towards true internet economy. Privacy policy is stated to demonstrate our true commitment to individual’s right to data protection and privacy policy and guidelines. IISMR Privacy statement defines how do we handle such information that directly or indirectly identifies an “Personal Data” of an individual

General Information

IISMR Data Controller ?

Data controller of is the administrator of this website. The IISMR data protection officer can be reached out at [email protected]

What Personal Data does IISMR Collect:

When user visit’s our website , we keep the certain information about web browser, Operating system and IP address. If user submits comment form on our website, IISMR will collect the information which consists of your Name, Email address and website URL. And provided information by user will only be used for requested services of our education portal and wont be shared with any other non-affiliated party.

How long data is stored with us:

IISMR will sustain the data as long as it is required:

  • Ensures that services requested by user is available.
  • Unless or until user revokes his consent granted.
  • By applicable laws to hold your private data longer or where your data is required for IISMR to defend against legal activity. Data would be retained unless the claim have been settled.

Recipients of Personal Data

User’s data will only be passed to administrator or any third party service provider of IISMR.

Cookies Data Policy

Statement outlines how IISMR.ORG used cookies data and other similar technologies to collect and store data when you visit website.

What does Cookies stand for :
Small files which are stored on devices computer, smartphone, tablet. When a website is visited, cookie will get stored on your device and send requested information to that party which placed the cookie.

Required Cookies:
when user submits a comment of our website then data details provided by you would be retained in cookies. These cookies permits us to provide you a secure log-in activities and to remember your credentials details and to ensure that the website looks consistent.

Functional Cookies :
These types of cookies permits us to analyze usage of site for measurement and improving its overall performance. Functional cookies doesn’t store any personal data of user which helps in his/her identification. Majorly these are only stored to improve the user experience of website.

Advertisement Cookies :
To serve the adds which are relevant for your interest, advertisement companies stores these cookies. This also allows user to share the content with any of the social media network sites and to post comments.

Individual Consent for Processing

IISMR will process the provided data if user has granted consent for any specific proposed processing or under the influence of any legal laws when applicable.

Forwarding Personal Data to Third parties: we may share your data to other partner companies of it, if listed on website. In such cases these entities would use sensitive data as per the privacy policy listed under

Revocation of Granted Consent :
At any point in time user may withdraw his/her consent provided to facilitator. In such case we wont be further using private data unless legally required to do so. Furthermore, user might not be able to access service of IISMR which requires your prior consent and that has already been revoked by you.